codebrother Publish time 2019-05-11 19:40:52

After change 3 100uf/6.3V not read disc

Hi Kaosun Master, i have a D303, after replace 3 SMD 100uf 6.3V with titan cap. the pickup keep hit to motor and can’t read disc anymore. Is the capacitor too low uf? Or it need to be Aluminium cap? Thanks

codebrother Publish time 2019-05-12 20:13:45

I mean the Pickup is up and down continuesly very quick, not as normal.

codebrother Publish time 2019-05-13 02:51:27

Is the 33uf BP can replace with normal 33uF as well? Thanks

kaosun Publish time 2019-05-22 13:30:42

33UF BP should not be replaced at all. Clean PCB.

codebrother Publish time 2019-07-04 09:35:44

Thanks, after clean pcb, it is working well now.
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